This a track I just recorded:

‘Extemporised melodies based on Itsukushimi Fukaki’

mp3 download available here.

I call it ” think of this one as ‘post-modern retro’ – it’s an improv/extemporisation based on the popular Japanese ‘sambika’ (hymn/song of praise). You might recognise the theme, it’s well known by its English name.

The song ‘Itsukushimi Fukaki’ is usually translated as ‘Deep Affection’, but the word Itsukushimu (itsukushimi is sort of a participle form of the verb) means so much more – especially in it’s ‘sun’ form, it’s one of those Chinese-derived words with a meaning that’s sort of very subtle and specific, but also – in English terms – very broad.

Itsukushimu (that’s the native Japanese or ‘kun’ form), means to be affectionate, loving or to treat tenderly.

‘Ji’ also means those things, and also ‘universal love, compassion, benevolence and loving kindness.
According to my kanji dictionary, it forms a part of the compound words ‘jihi’ (慈悲 mercy/compassion); jiai (慈愛 loving affection); jizen (慈善 charity); jibo (慈母 an affectionate, loving mother); and ‘jiu’ (慈雨 welcome rain).

(more kanji info here)