September 2009

He sat on the balcony
trying to touch the fingers of the wind
playing with his hair
When the wind moved a flower
he would say it was a hand.
When lightning flashed across the sky
he would say it was a glance,
a smile that might have
left lips
to come and rest with him.

He sat on the balcony
trying to think of some people
to fill the empty seats around him.

— Wadih Sa’adeh
Translated from the Arabic by Anne Fairbairn


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A Poem For The Two Of Us


I know,
it must be like that:
the two of us have never met,
although we keep searching for each other
because of her happiness
and my happiness.

Drunk rain whips and strikes,
wind pulls willows’ hair out.
Where am I going?
Which town should I stop by?

The day is spilled over opaque fields.
I’m dragging around two empty eyes
staring into faces of passerbys.
Who should I ask, hungry and wet,
why have we never met?

Or it already happened?
Missed a step?
Maybe she came all the way next to me.
But me,
stopped by a pub, bitter,
and she
not knowing – passed by.

I don’t know.
We’ve been around the world
in passion, crazy
and we missed each other for a step.

Yes, it must’ve been like that….

–Mika Antic



Life is all something from the beginning.
Yesterday and the day before don’t count tomorrow.
There are no two the same Fridays in the world,
two the same Sundays,
two the same Wednesdays.

What are disappointments for then?
If one love is – blank,
dreams are immediately different and nicer.
And when you are the saddest and bitter
you think of some new eyes
and realize that you are flying… you’re more beautifully flying.

Who has ever seen a boy suffer?
snoozing cranky and crying?
Every time, you must know again
to love better, to love stronger.
Not to find excuses.
Not to console yourself.
But to truly, all the way to the sky, smile.

There are no two the same Wednesdays in the world,
two the same Tuesdays,
two the same Fridays.
All new loves count differently.
We live, every time, from the beginning.
We live never to fall.
To be stronger after a storm.
And right now already, in your heart
a hundred golden stars can be heard.

–Mika Antic



I recognized you when snow was melting
melting, and a soft wind blowing
closeness of spring intoxicating my soul
intoxicating, so I cravingly inhale the air.

With gentleness I watched your footsteps trace
trace on white snow
and I knew that you would be dear to me
dear throughout my life.

I recognized you on a reverberant day
a drunk, fresh and soft day
I had a feeling I’d always known you
known though I just recognized you.

With gentleness I watched your footsteps trace
trace on white snow
and I knew that you would be dear to me
dear throughout my life.

I recognized you when ice was melting
ice, when spring breath is melting when
day is one moment rosy, one moment wistful
pale, when happiness and sadness collide.

With gentleness I watched your footsteps trace
trace on white snow
and I knew that you would be dear to me
dear throughout my life.

–Desanka Maksimovic



To someone stars are forbidden.
To someone wings or swallows,
I don’t forbid anything
everything that is not allowed is allowed.

I have only one request,
try not to grow
not an inch, in spite of everyone,
until the end of this poem.

In the song you live
freely, nicely and crazy
You can invent fantasize,
Do everything backwards.

In it, even the biggest miracle,
stops being a miracle,
because everything you wish for
when you close your eyes
— remains forever like that.

Get those childish spites out
bravely and wonderfully,
and lie to yourself,
everything that is not allowed is allowed.

And more than everything is allowed!
My only one: don’t grow
in spite of you and me
until the end of this song.

And every time they break you,
so you have to create a new dream,
don’t dream it in the dark,
run faster to the dawn,
at the doorstep of this song
so, wonderfully, fight.

And when you only blink,
and smile slowly
Count till ten,
and turn that into eternity
and everything that you think of with your eyes closed,
will stay like that always.

–Mika Antic

Love poem

(Ljubavna pesma)

You are my moment and my dream,
My glorious word within the sounds,
You are as beautiful as you are secret,
You are the truth as much as the lust.

Stay unreachable, silent and far,
For the dream of happiness is more than happiness itself.
Be a one time flame, as youth.
Let your shadow and echo be all to be remembered by.

The heart writes its history on a falling tear,
On an immense pain whereon love marks its target.
Truth is only the dreaming of the soul.
A kiss is the most beautiful meeting in the world.

You are the image of my apparition,
Your sunny décor knitted through my dream.
You were the fascination of my thought,
Symbol of all conceits, defeated and icy-cold.

But you don’t exist, nor have you ever done.
Born within my silence and despair,
From the Sun of my heart you were shining
Because everything we worship – we have created ourselves.

–Jovan Ducic


I seek amnesty
For the naïve
For those who believe
that all are equal,
poor and rich,
weak and strong,
the untired and the untiring prisoner,
the armless and the man with both arms,
the absolved and the man who has lost his faith,
the invited
and the one who waits at the door,
for them, for myself,
for everyone,
I seek amnesty.

–Desanka Maksimovic



It might be good to know this too:
we are desired only when we desire.
And if we give ourselves completely,
only then we can be complete.

We will find out, only when we say
words true, identical.
And only when we also search,
only then might someone meet us too.

–Mika Antic