Mozart, champion of the human heart:

L’amerò, sarò costante:
fido sposo, e fido amante
sol per lei sospirerò.

In sì caro e dolce oggetto
la mia gioia, il mio diletto,
la mia pace io troverò.

Her shall I love, I shall be constant:
Faithful husband and faithful lover;
only for her will I sigh.

In so dear and sweet an object:
There is my joy, there my delight
There my peace I will find.

The one version of this song I have is by Sumi Jo (and is very good), but June Anderson on you tube sings it so exquisitely, she makes it seem effortless.

Listening to it (after first squawking something about her hairstyle), my 6-year old daughter actually became a temporary opera-fan.

We listened to a few more versions. “Oh no,” she said, “the first one was better, she sang like this: ‘la-la-la-laaaaa’,” she said, doing her best imitation of bel canto. “That one is too much, ‘lyah-lyah-lyah’,” she went on, screeching like only a six-year-old can, then rolling on the floor laughing. She’s a harsh critic, but good-humoured.