You do not look for rich repasts and costly libations, Lord.
The innocent heart of the pious poor and the contrite heart of the sinner is the best offering.
You come sooner to the poor who lays his good thoughts, good words, and good deeds in tribute at your altar, than to the rich who labours to greet you with costly rituals and elaborate sacrifices.

Incline your ear to me, Lord, when I pray.
Feeble are my words, but they rise spontaneously from my heart.
I will pray with devotion swelling up from my heart to my lips.
My lips will speak the language of my heart and express with my tongue what is hidden in my heart.

You are the fountain of goodness, Lord, and whatever is good in the world proceeds from you.
Your goodness extends to the good and evil alike, for your desire is all-beneficent.
Through your perfect goodness, you take infinite care of our protection, preservation, and guidance.
Discipline my soul, O Lord, to trust in your unfailing goodness and lean upon your goodness in happiness or woe.

I pray to you to make me good before I ask you to make me great.
If I cannot achieve greatness, Lord, let me not go without goodness.
Help me to be great in goodness, even though I am only small in greatness.
Greatness and glory exist only temporarily in this world, Lord, but goodness is immortal;
and only goodness will accompany my soul to heaven.

(Zoroastrian prayers)