Signs someone loves you

You must be lucky
to meet this someone
somewhere like
on a quiet parkland path somewhere pretty and peaceful
or in the deserted produce section of a small supermarket late at night
(or long long ago across a public square in a now far distant country)

Somewhere unexpected
their thoughts must be peaceful
somewhere else

you have to take them by surprise
and it has to be an accident
(the heart will detect it otherwise)

the face moves faster than the brain
so just for an instant,
before someone’s quick mind has a chance to contort
the mouth, cheeks and eyes
into one of the expressions
we all so carefully rehearse,
the heart will reveal itself

in that instant

if you see something very gentle and very lovely
flicker across someone’s eyes
that so few ever see;

if someone’s face betrays
at the moment of recognition
an instant of actual
of a quality you have never seen in everyday expressions

you will know
someone loves you.

your luck will need to hold
of course

a heart
like someone’s heart
like your heart
seldom knows itself

someone may not even know it
but you will know it

you may count yourself very lucky

you have seen it