An extract from John C Wright:

Are we not the pinnacle of achievement!

[T]he same way a brain-damaged child simply cannot perform the basic mental functions of speech and reason is said to be mentally retarded, a man whose conscience cannot reach the most obvious, practical and necessary conclusions of moral law is morally retarded.

Moral retardation can be detected when man’s conscience is not telling him the moral information he needs to live his day-to-day life. If your conscience tells you human life is no more valuable than that of a cat or pig, then, logically, you should be able to castrate your son with no more moral ramifications than gelding your tomcat, or likewise cut up your wife for bacon. This is not a practical way to live.

Are we pre-eminent above other species in acts of justice, charity, oblative love, beauty, in pomp and circumstances, in the building of cathedrals, the writing of symphonies, the launching of moonshots? The question is absurd in the asking. No animal cares about these things, or has the capacity to understand them. You can have a space race between Uncle Sam and Uncle Joe Stalin. We are not competing with the bears to see who puts the first pawprint on Mars.

So here is my question. When did the atheists suddenly turn into monsters?